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An Tostal (VI)

Well here, about time you say, is the final report on An Tostal, Cork 1955. This, I'm sorry to say, represents all the knowledge available, to me, on this tournament. It's such a pity that such an important event should be almost forgotten.

With a quick draw with Van Scheltinga of Holland, Count O’Kelly last night assured himself of first place in the Tostal International Tournament held in Cork, repeating his success of last year. Van Scheltinga played the Sicilian Defence, but an early exchange of queens left a level position.
Reid against Dr. Bernstein played the Exchange Variation of the Lopez. In a complicated position the balance remained even, until Reid sacrificed a pawn on move 30 for dubious prospects, and got into difficulties. He resigned on move 36 as a piece was lost.
B.H. Wood against J.J. Walsh launched a massed Kingside attack against Walsh’s King’s Indian. Walsh defended carefully and reaches a queen and pawn ending with fair prospects. The game is adjourned.
E.N. Mulcahy went for a Q-side attack against A.J. O’Sullivan’s King’s Indian, having a knight against a bad bishop. On move 33 O’Sullivan blundered and lost two pawns. The game is adjourned.
Position with one round to go; Count O’Kelly, 5½ pts.; T.D. van Scheltinga, 4 pts.; Dr. Bernstein, 3½; B.H. Wood, 2 ½ (and one adjourned); E.N. Mulcahy, 2 (and one adjourned); J. Reid 2; Walsh 1 ½; O’Sullivan 1.
"Examiner" Thursday 19th May 1955

Count O’Kelly And Dr. Bernstein Draw

The Tostal International Chess Tournament concluded last night in Cork. Count O’Kelly de Galway enhanced his reputation as one of Europe’s foremost chess exponents by winning the masters section.
The first game to finish was that between the tournament winner O’Kelly and the veteran Dr. Bernstein – a 21 move draw from a French Defence.
B. H. Wood got the worse of his King’s Indian Defence with D. O’Sullivan, but when it looked as if the Irishman was going to spring a surprise he gave Wood an immediate win by putting a piece en prise.
J.J. Walsh who earlier in the day lost his adjourned game to Wood, scored an incisive win over J. Reid. The game was a Sicilian Defence and was adjourned after 34 moves, Reid resigned without resuming.
Mulcahy, against Van Scheltinga, defended with the King’s Indain and got a cramped position. He eased his position by exchanging; Van Scheltinga then opened the Q-side too hastily and Mulcahy won a pawn. The position then came down to Rook and two pawns against Rook and one pawn, which Mulcahy tried hard to win as it would put him in the prize list. Van Scheltinga, however, defended carefully and drew after 69 moves and seven hours play.
Final positions: A. O’Kelly de Galway, 6 ½ pts.; B.H. Wood and T. Van Scheltinga 4 1/2 ; Dr. O. Bernstein 4; E.N. Mulcahy, 3 ½ ; J.J. Walsh 2 ½; J. Reid, 2, D. O’Sullivan 1.
"Evening Echo", Friday 20 May 1955

The following game is annotated by Maurice Kennefick who represented Ireland in the 1970 and 1976 Olympiad. He had the remarkable result of drawing nine of his eleven games in Siegen Olympiad.

And now a cross-table, stolen of course, from the ICU site.

Just to warn you, if I come across any new information on this event I am liable to post it!

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