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An Tostal (part V)

Time to have another look at An Tostal 1955 which was held in Cork. In this article I again reproduce the reports as found in the contemporary "Evening Echo".

Round four was held Monday 16th May 1955. There was no play on Sunday!

E.N. Mulcahy Beats Dr. Bernstein In Adjourned Game.
In the fourth round of the International Master’s Tournament Count O’Kelly gave a brilliant display of combinative chess. Defending with the Sicilian against J. Reid, he won a pawn on move 12. In return Reid got strong K-side pressure. At a crucial moment, however, O’Kelly broke open the centre - and on the 26th move gave up his queen for 2 minor pieces and a fierce attack. He pushed home the attack strongly forcing Reid’s resignation on move 38.
Van Scheltinga had his first win – defeating B.H. Wood in a Nimzo-Indian defence. Wood appeared to have the better of the opening, but overreached himself on the queen’s wing and lost the exchange – resigning shortly afterwards.
In the game Mulcahy – Walsh, a king’s Indian Defence, black played a little too sharply and weakened his K-side. Mulcahy launched a strong attack, won a pawn, and then simplified into a winning ending. O’Sullivan played his favourite Reti against Bernstein, who took the initiative early on the Q-side. After the exchange of pieces O’Sullivan won a pawn, which Bernstein almost immediately recovered. The game is adjourned in an almost level position.
In his adjourned game with Dr. Bernstein, Mulcahy advanced his passed Q.R. pawn and then entered with his king on the K-side to win a piece, whereupon Bernstein resigned on the 69th move.
Present Positions – Count O’Kelly de Galway 4 points: T. Van Scheltinga 2.5 points: B.H. Wood, J. Reid and E.N. Mulcahy 2 points; Dr. Bernstein 1.5 and 1 adjourned; O’Sullivan ½ (plus 1 adj.); Walsh ½.

The first game to finish in the fifth round last night was the encounter O’Kelly – Mulcahy. O’Kelly had slightly the better of the opening a King’s Indian. Mulcahy forced the exchange of queens on move 21, but O’Kelly’s pressure still continued, forcing a passed pawn on the sixth rank. In a lost position Mulcahy exceeded the time limit and resigned.
Van Scheltinga – Reid was another King’s Indian. White’s careful positional play won him a pawn on move 25. He simplified in a won ending. Reid shortened matters by blundering away a rook in time pressure.
Walsh again opened very sharply against O’Sullivan’s Sicilian. In a tense middle-game O’Sullivan got good counter chances against Walsh’s king but blundered and lost a piece and shortly resigned.
Dr. Bernstein met Wood’s Sicilian in a unusual manner. After careful manoeuvring he won a pawn on the 33rd move: queens were exchanged a few moves later. The game is now adjourned in a rook and pawn ending.
Adjourned games – D.J. O’Sullivan draw with Dr. O. Bernstein in a bishop and knight ending.
Present positions: O’Kelly de Galway 5 points, T. Van Scheltinga 3.5; Wood, Reid, Mulcahy and Bernstein 2; Walsh 1.5; O’Sullivan 1.

Thanks for looking, till next time! If anyone has any information on any of the players mentioned or of the event itself please leave a comment.

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