Tuesday, June 8, 2010

An Tostal (part III)

Round three
On Saturday night in the Little Theatre Hall, C.Y.M.S. the third round of the Tostal International Masters Tournament was played. O’Kelly was the first to finish with a very incisive win against B.H. Wood, leaving himself in the lead with full points. Wood handled the Dutch defence a little too sharply, and O’Kelly, by a carefully calculated combination gained a decisive material advantage early on.
J. Reid continued to show excellent form in defeating E.N. Mulcahy in a vigorous Ruy Lopez attack. Mulcahy played the opening inaccurately, allowing Reid to build up some king-side pressure. A blunder lost him a vital pawn, and a second allowed a mate in two bringing the game to a sudden finish on move 26.
J.J. Walsh defended carefully against Dr. Bernstein’s Ruy Lopez. He got a probably decisive advantage in the end-game, but after overlooking a winning line his game went rapidly downhill. The game was adjourned, but Walsh resigned without resuming.
The game van Scheltinga – O’Sullivan also brought surprises. Van Scheltinga obtained a clear advantage against O’Sullivan’s King’s Indian Defence. Careless play allowed O’Sullivan to recover and get strong counterplay. The game is now adjourned in a Q and pawn endgame with level material.
Adjourned games-J.J. Walsh defended carefully in his adjourned game against van Scheltinga, and eventually forced the draw. Mulcahy in his adjourned game against Dr. Bernstein forced off the heavy pieces and won a pawn. The game is again adjourned (resumption 12.30 to-day).
Present leading positions – Count O’Kelly de Galway 3 points; J. Reid and B.H. Wood 2 points.

I present below J.J. Walsh's memories of An Tostal 1955 taken from his booklet "From My Games 1949-83."

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